Wizzard Repair Products:

Permanent Restoration “THAT WORKS”

Wizzard Repair Products (WRP) original product was designed specifically for Wood Restoration and it’s the back-bone of our line.  Wizzard Repair Products products provide the most complete and comprehensive wood repair system to permanently repair your rotted or termite damaged wood and repair faulty or damaged wood, avoiding the removal of other structural components such as roof systems, soffits and siding.

Over the past 15 years, Wizzard Repair Products has been developing products to permanently restore wood along with metal, marine, stucco-masonry, and auto-rv applications.

Why WRP?  Restoring with Wood-Wizzard Repair products equates to significant savings. In some cases, there’s a savings of more than 100% over the cost of wood removal and replacement/repair.


wood-beam-before        wood-beam-after

Step By Step Instructions

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