Attention Contractors, Pest Control Professionals, Property Managers & D.I.Y

Don’t Replace it – Restore It with WRP! Our propitiatory EPA Approved system permanently restores, rotted, faulty or damaged Wood, Metal, & Stucco-Masonry saving on project costs.

WRP’s Restoration Solutions are Perfect for:

  • Step 1 of 3 – Bio-Cleaner

  • WRP Tools- Custom Dough Mixer

  • Step 3 of 3 – Topping

  • Step 2 of 3 – Liquid A & B

  • Step 1 of 3 – Cobra Rods 2″

  • Step 2 of 3 – Dough A & B


Wizzard Repair Products Features:

Fast Curing Time

Liquid/Resin Curing Time: After mixing equal parts of liquid A & B, curing time is up to 45 minutes.  If primer dries into the wood it will need to be reapplied.  Liquid always need to have a tacky feel to it when applying the dough.

Dough Curing Time: After mixing equal part of A and B dough it it will become hard within 90 minutes. Remove any excess dough with WRP cut of knife so the dough is smooth.

All products are tested at 70 degrees ambient temperature.

Permanent Restoration

Restores Termite Damage

Will Not Rot

EPA Approved Treatment


Why Replace When You Can Permanently Repair

WRP manufactures a proprietary dough compound developed to permanently restore the integrity of the material you are repairing.  Designed to restore Wood, Metal, Marine, Auto-RV, Stucco, and Masonry applications.


Easy to Work with System that Treats Protects, and Restores

WRP’s restoration systems have been developed for specific use incorporates a 2 part liquid bonding agent as well as a 2 part dough formulation which when blended with each other, becomes very strong after curing.

WRP’s Permanently Restores:

– Column Bases
– Fascias Boards & Siding
– Rotted Rafter Tails
– Rotted Columns
– Porches & Decks
– Boat Repair
– Surfboard Repair
– Wood Dock Repair
– Wrought Iron & Metal Gates
– Metal bars
– And More


Wizzard Repair Products is Perfect for: